Anasuya Clicked Giving Him Massage

Anasuya Bharadwaj Massaging Her HubbyThere are only a few moments that we would like to cherish as ours in our private lives. Hot anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj is no different when she chose to cherish the moment when she was clicked by her son Ayanssh while she was giving a neck massage to her husband.

It’s not her message with the pic that caught the attention of the netizens but her nude legs; sitting in a chair while giving the neck massage. Needless to say that she is the owner of a pair of very hot legs that can make her look millions worthy and desirable. But, the message she shared along with this pic was really adorable.

Telling us that every picture tells a story, Anasuya thanked the almighty for giving her a family that keeps her grounded and she realizes that simple things like this are very beautiful. On the work front, though Anasuya is married and a mother of two children, her marital status never came as an obstruction for her career.

The lady knows how to be very professional and live up to the expectations of the viewers. She is hot, bold, beautiful and in fact, very clever when it comes to making her career’ choices. What do you think?

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