Anamika BGM is a work of genius
Sekhar Kammula who is busy getting his thriller Anamika ready has recently seen the final cut of the film with complete background score and all effects. The director was blown away by the work done by senior music composer MM Keeravani for the film and termed it as a work of genius.

Sekhar Kammula said that the film has been elevated to a completely new level thanks to the work of Keeravani and was spellbound by it. This is the first time that the director is working with Keeravani. Anamika is a thriller and we know how crucial the background score are to make thrillers effective. Whatever may be the case, it’s good to see another young filmmaker smitten by the musical prowess of Keeravani. Anamika starring Nayanatara in title role is expected to release in the second half of this month.