An-Open-Letter-to-Ram-Charan's-Chitti-Babu---RangasthalamDear Chitti Babu aka Ram Charan!

Till yesterday, I saw you as a star, Ram Charan. Now, I turned your fan💃 only because of that novice, kind-hearted, extremely genuine and very rustic Chitti Babu in you. Literally, you stunned me when I was least expecting it.

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When you made your Bollywood entry, you were made to look like a rich star kid who is into this industry by the virtue of an iconic father but has no virtue of his own. You were branded as wooden-faced and expressionless. ‘Zanjeer’ was indeed a bad mark😥.

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Not once, several times you were under the criticism that you are here because of your father and your wooden expressions are never going to take you anywhere as a performer. Sometimes, we were into believing that because you didn’t improve😴, even later.

Somewhere, deep in my heart, I expected that you rise to the occasion and prove yourself a worthy successor to your illustrious father, not by mere dancing prowess but by setting standards with your acting talent. To be frank, you didn’t live up to the promise😷.

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Suddenly, as if from nowhere, Chitti Babu came just to say there has always been an actor so rustic, truthful, with sensible heart and who can genuinely move the hearts of the millions. Now, I started feeling at peace with myself. There would be no qualms to feel proud of you and accept that you are the rightful descendant of the mega throne.

That beard, the twirled mustache, those flowery shirts and especially that uncanny hearing problem, make us believe that you are going to give another ‘Swayamkrushi’👏👏 for your fans. Chitti Babu has not only redefined your on-screen image but also looks like your off-screen persona.

Right now, I’m interested more in Chitti Babu than in ‘Rangasthalam‘.

The movie might fare well as expected or else… I don’t want to think negative😎, anyway. Nevertheless, ‘Rangasthalam’ definitely introduced us to a sensitive, sensible and worthy actor in you as Chitti Babu like Kamal Haasan’s Sivayya’s character in ‘Swathimuthyam’🙏🙏🙏.

Chitti Babu, we are waiting to meet you and your Ramalakshmi in theatres on 30th March…listen to the story that you are eager to share with us…’Ranga Ranga Rangasthalaana…’ The earthy colors, the rustic locales, the ear-warming music🎵📣 and the most important… Chitti Babu & Ramalakshmi💃 are luring us, big time.

Waiting for the celluloid treat… with a big hope that Chitti Babu has indeed come to stay👑, forever.

Signing off…

With BIG hope…

A New Fan,
(Waiting to watch Chitti Babu on the big screen).

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