An-Intriguing-Peek-of-the-Rana-Daggubati-HeroRana Daggubati has got his own style of choosing scripts. The actor has been going out of the zone of the usual film zone and his body transformation has been the talk of the town lately. The Rajamouli’s Bhallaladeva is now featuring in a periodic backdrop film Virataparvam and the first of the actor released on Friday is quite intriguing.

We can only see those intense eyes saying a lot of things as he ties a red rag to cover his face as if he is up to something and the caption below, “Revolution is an act of love” shows what the intentions are behind those eyes and in his head. The war type of atmosphere far away in the poster also shows what to expect.

Clearly, Rana is up for a war for his love whose shooting has commenced already and Rana joined the sets too. With Venu Udugula directing the film and Suresh Daggubati backing the project, Sai Pallavi is set to play the lead opposite Rana for the 1990s love story.