An Ambitious, Adventurous Tale Featuring Vishwak SenHere comes a sudden and unexpected announcement that is sure to grab attention. It stars Vishwak Sen in the lead. Today, the title of the film is made official.

The V Celluloid production starring Vishwak Sen is named Gaami. It is set in a fictional historical backdrop. Vishwak Sen plays an Aghora who is suffering from a problem. His solution is an adventurous journey that comprises Gaami’s narrative.

The title announcement and the project itself has come out of the blue and taken everyone by surprise. For a small film, it is ambitious and made on a larger than life scale. The production design and brief visual glimpse that we get look fantastic.

Nothing much is known about Gaami except the brief that it is about Aghora on a journey to overcome his problem. It also helps retain curiosity on the project as this is a title announcement video only.

The background score by Naresh Kumaran and cinematography by Vishwanath Reddy further elevate the impact. Gaami will definitely be a keenly awaited movie among Vishwak Sen flicks if it arrives on time without too much delay.

Check out the video below. Chandini Chowdhary, MG Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad play crucial roles in the movie. Vidyadhar Kagita directs Gaami. Karthik Sabareesh produces the adventurous tale presented by V Celluloid.