Puri Jagannath seems to harbour an affection for animals, especially, exotic ones. His personal pets include around 50 varieties of birds, 13 dogs, ducks, fish and more, which varies from the smallest monkey in the world -the marmoset -Mandarin ducks, parrots from Macau to the lion-like Chow Chow dog and colorful cockatoos. This in turn gives his office a look more suitable to a sanctuary than a director’s office.

Puri explained this affinity for pets saying, “My fascination for pets began in my childhood. I started with 30-odd ducks and began to procure exotic pets as and when I could afford them. It is the best way to stay connected with nature and they are great stress busters.”

Even with the huge of sum of money spent on the maintenance of these animals, the director says, “My pets and I are inseparable, except while I am shooting abroad, even then, I ensure they are taken care of by calling up every day.”