Amy Jackson Seven-Month Pregnancy, Ready for MarriageMaybe, Amy Jackson proved that she is one of the kinds who take great pride for turning a mother. She is seven-month pregnant now and has been flaunting her baby bump since she revealed her pregnancy.

She was long before engaged to her longtime boyfriend, businessman George Panayiotou. Now, the duo are planning to take their relationship a step ahead by tying the wedding knot. Amy proudly announced the same via social media.

Amy Jackson and George Panayiotou flew to Venice in Italy for planning their wedding. Looks like, the duo want to welcome their baby as the newlyweds and can be the parents, officially.

Amy has been documenting every stage of her pregnancy through pictures. It’s nice to know that the seven-month pregnant actress is living the life on her own terms, doing what she wants to do to cherish every special moment.