Amigos_Movie_CollectionsNandamuri Kalyan Ram returned to the big screen with Amigos after the huge success of Bimbisara. When a hero comes after a blockbuster, usually there are great expectations from the film among the audience as well as the trade. But there was zero buzz about Amigos despite coming after Bimbisara.

A film not doing well because of people not liking the content is ok. But the people not giving it a chance right from the word go is something to ponder about. People just weren’t excited to see this one even before its first show started.

So what went wrong? The title, Amigos. No one could relate to a title like this one. The makers tried to explain its meaning but the masses couldn’t care less. Then the makers also tried to infuse that the film is about the concept of the doppelganger, which also backfired. Because the audience just didn’t connect with the theme and the word ‘doppelganger’ itself sounded like gibberish to them.

Makers always must make sure that when they come up with something unique, they should at least keep a title that is mass friendly. When the content is also different and the title is also not relatable, then this was bound to happen. People had already made up their minds to skip the film even before its release.

Maybe a hero like Adivi Sesh could have given this film a better opening. Maybe he would have also made the script a bit more interesting. People trust his brand of cinema and when he comes up with a different themed film, the audience is ready to give it at least one chance. But it’s all a hypothetical situation.