Rajinikanth-Next-ProjectRajinikanth’s time was running bad with his crucial projects went on hold and finally Kaala made its way to the theaters with the lift of Tamil producers’ protest. And then, the film had to face the ban in the neighbouring state Karnataka for his comments on Cuvery issue.

Amidst all the mess, Rajini got a positive hearing from the high court in the defamation case filed against Rajini by Mr. Bothra. Rajini’s daughter family were loaned by Mr. Bothra for a film and the superstar was apparently assured the sum to be paid by him incase of any dispute as Bothra claimed.

However Rajini countered Mr. Bothra’s case claiming that the financier was only attempting to extort money from the actor. Now the high court has ordered a stay on the defamation case until June 25. Well, at least the star will be relieved from the Kaala release by then.