AMC to Create Zoom Rooms in Theatres in U.S.As one might be aware, US’ biggest cinema chain AMC is all set to create Zoom rooms in theatres to facilitate the holding of corporate meetings across several theatres at the same time.

The concept will be unveiled in the US in 2023 and in 17 of AMC’s major markets. Once launched, companies can book a three-hour time slot at several theatres simultaneously to enable holding virtual events across multiple markets.

AMC and Zoom will offer food (popcorn, etc) and beverage services, a concierge, and a movie viewing for an extra cost. The new concept is being taken forward by AMC to reduce the debt burden accumulated during the pandemic. It is also planning to sell its popcorn in the retail market to give a push to its stocks and help the company avoid bankruptcy.

In fact, AMC has a lot of attractive theatres located in central venues with ample seating capacity, so that the meetings can take place during daytime hours. Zoom Rooms at AMC will help it to tap into the multi-billion market for corporate and other meetings.

Though their revenues were not optimistic, the company is hopeful of a good fourth quarter and 2023.