Ambiguity continues in Ram Charan's Road side brawl

Ram Charan’s Road side brawl is nearing no end. The issue was accelerated yesterday by TJAC lawyers approaching Human Rights Commission to take action on the actor. Later, responding to the incident Ram Charan clarified that he is at no wrong. And even went on to say both of the Techies apologized to him for their rash driving. He also mentioned that they had submitted their apology to the Police in written format. However, Banjara PS stated that they do not have any idea about the apology.

One of the two persons involved in the incident also condemned giving an apology. He stated that, ” I am just a middle-class man. I have no power to fight with bigwigs like these. And for the record, I did not apologise to Ram Charan. Why would I? For getting beaten up?”