Ambat-Rambabu-YSRCPAmbati Rambabu is one of the most vocal leaders in YSR Congress. But the Minister often believes that he can say anything and everything and conveniently get away as people’s memory is short.

Earlier today, he posted a tweet taking a dig at Chandrababu Naidu. Apparently, his complaint is that the former Chief Minister skipped assembly and went to Balakrishna’s Unstoppable show.

Ambati says Jagan has gone into the people and so, 175 will be Unstoppable.

Ambati may have forgot that Jagan himself also skipped the assembly sessions in Chandrababu’s tenure. Chandrababu is sending his MLAs to the house. Back then, Jagan did not even allow his MLAs into the house.

People on social media are advising Ambati to concentrate on the completion of Polavaram Project as the Irrigation Minister as the timelines are getting extended one after the other.