AMB-Cinemas-AMB Cinemas is the state-of-the-art multiplex in Hyderabad and is a joint venture of Asian Cinema and Mahesh Babu.

These days, AMB Cinemas is the final destination for all teaser and trailer launches in Tollywood.

While the superior film-watching experience is one reason, there is another interesting business strategy of the promoters working in favor of the multiplex.

AMB Cinemas is offering its screens for a very low price when compared to other multiplexes.

AMB charges 1.1 Lakh Rupees for screening the trailer/teaser and snacks for the media.

This is very cost-effective. For an instance, PVR Cineplex in Banjara Hills charges 2.75 Lakh Rupees for the same.

With respect to the cost and experience, AMB scores.

But why is that AMB Cinemas doing that for so low? There is a shrewd strategy behind it.

AMB wants people to experience its superior film-watching experience and wants the talk to spread.

The multiplex will always opt for the highest price bracket when it comes to ticket prices. It has turned down all the requests of small and medium budget films to lower ticket prices.

The brand value and the mouth publicity with the teaser and trailer launches will increase the premium value of watching a film in AMB and thus, the ticket prices at a premium will be justified and sold.