Amazon Prime Video - PushpaPushpa is still finding a decent audience on the big screen during the weekends even though the film is streaming live on Amazon Prime. As Mythri Movie Makers locked a massive deal, the film is already out on OTT in spite of it running on the big screens.

But all those who have seen the film have a common complaint and it is about the sound of the film. A number of audiences have posted their concerns on social media stating that the sound quality of Amazon is so low and dull that they are not getting any high while watching the film.

But poor guys, they don’t know that it is not the mistake of Prime video but from the end of Pushpa’s technical team. We all know that Pushpa was released in a hurry and due to this, the re-recording, BGM, audio sync, and dubbing were compromised in a big way.

This aspect was observed by a few when the film was released. But as the film did not have much competition and created good hype in Bollywood and other areas, this mistake was ignored and the film made merry with the fans.

But still, there are a few who feel that this sound issue is with Amazon but that is not that fact. Even during the success meet producer Naveen Yerneni revealed that they released the film in a hush-hush manner and compromised on the quality.

They also said that such issues with not recur with the second part of Pushpa that will start filming in March. But for now, Prime video is continuing to get a lot of trashing for a wrong deed done by the makers of Pushpa.