Amazon-and-Netflix-Eating-Away-Dubbing-MarketThe smaller dubbing films used to have a decent market in Telugu. There is a segment of masses who patronage these dubbing films and they end up as profitable ventures due to the low costs involved. However, this market is eroding due to the advent of Digital Streaming Sites.

The Original Filmmakers release their Originals on the Streaming Sites sometimes even before the Telugu Dubbing Release. As a result, the market is almost lost. One example of such a film in recent times is Dhanush’s Thoota. The movie released on January 1st in both the Telugu States but the Original, Enai Noki Payuum Thota is out on Amazon Prime on the 3rd.

Pirates link the audio from the Pirated Prints to Original Video from the Digital Sites and the quality is as good as a DVD film. Already such dubbed films have a very limited audience and with this, even they shy away from the theaters. Very soon the dubbing rights of the smaller films will find no takers.