Ravi Teja Amar Akbar Anthony Teaser  talkThe teaser of Srinu Vytla’s new endeavour Amar Akbar Anthony is out. The first impression is that it is a perfectly alright one generating hopes of a winner.

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Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and director Srinu Vytla are a match made in heaven. The films they did together and the longevity they had is proof of that right before us. They didn’t do movies together when they were going through the peak, but now they are back hoping to ignite the past chemistry at their lowest phase.

Amar Akbar Anthony teaser gives us a look at the grandeur and some plot, but it is still missing what the combo previously gave us in dollops, the fun. Strictly, in a relative sense, one gets reminded of Mister’s teaser which was also perfectly cut. The trailer took it down, and the movie was way off the mark and confirmed the fears of the trailer. The bottom line is now we have to wait for further footage to make that assessment. As of now, it is alright.

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Check out the teaser below. Ravi Teja and Ileana reunite after a long gap. Mythri Movie Makers produce the commercial entertainer slated to release on November 16thworldwide.

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