amala akkineni akhil sisindriAkhil made his debut into movies when he was only a months baby and tasted a grand success. But when director Shiva Nageshwar Rao approached Amala for ‘Sisindri’, she closed doors on the director’s face bluntly because Akhil was only 6-7 months old, too young to act in films.

Then the director went to Nagarjuna for the same. He liked the original ‘The Baby’s Day Out’ and hence accepted to do the film for Akhil’s debut. Those were the days when Amala has started her Blue Cross Society and she needed funding. Nagarjuna convinced her that the funds would go to Blue Cross.

She instantly accepted the offer for Akhil because the funds will go to Blue Cross. Nagarjuna produced the movie himself promising Amala to give the all the collections for her noble work. The film went to become a big success and we know how Amala became very busy for being a animal activist.