Amala-Paul-court-caseAs Amala Paul is making full time preparations for her new year celebrations along with hubby director Vijay, what came as a shock is an order from Ernakulam Court. The order restricts her from acting in a jewellery advertisement. You might me wondering why the court must have reservations for Amala acting for endorsing jewellery.

A jewellery store group in Kochi has got Amala Paul to sign contract in May 2014 to feature in the advertisements promoting their jewellery brand. As per the agreement signed, Amala was paid Rs.30 lakhs even for the same. That’s why the Kochi based jewellery store owners approached court to restrict her from acting for other jewellery brands.

As per the contract signed, Amala cannot act in a Pathanapuram based jewellery store advertisement till her present contract with Kochi based jewellery store expires. In this regard, Ernakulam Additional Sessions Court issued orders to the dusky beauty.