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Amala Smoking Video Released Hoping to Increase Hype

Amala Paul Smoking Video Released Hoping to Increase HypeThe sole intention of the makers of the Tamil movie ‘Thiruttu Payale 2’ was to increase hype on the movie by the virtue of the 30-second smoking video they had released. True to their intentions, the video is going viral on the internet.

Amala Paul is seen in a bold and sensuous avatar in the video. What catches the audiences’ attention is the way she smokes like a real smoker, creating spirals with the smoke whenever she exhales the smoke after taking a puff of the cigarette she was seen enjoying.

Even Amala Paul is said to be game to this kind of challenge to create hype for the movie. The actress killed the act quite effortlessly and Tamil audiences started speculations on the movie and hoping that Amala’s role will create a sensation. What do you think about Amala’s bold avatar, smoking a cigarette?


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