Am I Wearing a Bikini and Lying - Drishya RaghunathToday’s women know how to take care of themselves when someone tries to take undue advantage of them, they know how to give back on their face. Malayalam actress Drishya Raghunath also proved the same.

When she posted a recent pic of herself totally drenched in water in a black swimsuit totally covering herself, a netizen asked herself why she was defaming herself and destroying her identity. The actress gave back to him in the form of a tight reply, “Am I wearing a bikini and lying?”

She also reminded the person that she was fully covered and if her assets are showing off, she is not to be blamed as that’s natural in all the female bodies, and she can’t cut off them. Drishya has got immense support from netizens who flooded her with messages supporting her.

Actresses like her had learnt to speak up for themselves. It’s a good turn that they know how to take care of such fickle-minded people who tend to become moral police on social media.