This was always going to happen and it was just a matter of when. And it has finally happened. When two films produced by a same person are shown different treatment obviously one who has met with unfairness is surely going to come out in protest. Only no one might have expected the protestors to be fans of a big star like Jr NTR.

The two films in question are Rabhasa and Alludu Seenu. We all know the kind of publicity blitz that was unveiled to promote Alludu Seenu. The movie was everywhere, its promos were played nonstop on all the channels and its hoarding painted the town red. Naturally fans of Jr NTR too were expecting something similar to their hero’s film as well. But that has not been the case at all with Rabhasa where promos are hardly shown on TV’s even with just few days remaining.

Upset fans have repeatedly attempted to contact the producer which finally made the producer’s son, Bellamkonda Sreenivas to react. He said that since he was a debutant to recover the money such publicity was done where as in case of Jr NTR, whom he referred to as ‘Anna’, he is a recognizable face and don’t need such extravagant promotions was his conclusion. Fans of course haven’t bought this explanation and are angry with the producer.

Do you think their anger is justified or do you agree with the view of Sreenivas? Does a star like Jr NTR need the kind of promotion that a debutant like Srinivas requires? Share us your thought.