Allu-Sneha-ReddyThe wives of star heroes are usually gorgeous. But there is one Tollywood star wife who is possible the best looking spouse in Telugu cinema.

The said star wife is Allu Sneha Reddy, the wife of Allu Arjun. She first amazed Tollywood followers with her beautiful looks right on her wedding day with Allu Arjun and she had been one of the most followed Tollywood star wives ever since.

Sneha is very active on social media as she shares snaps of herself and her family on Instagram. In fact, she is the most followed Tollywood star wife on Instagram as she has 8.3 million followers there.

Allu Sneha’s snaps tend to go viral on par with Tollywood star heroines snaps. This shows the kind of following she has garnered with her beautiful looks.

Sneha is also a fashionista and she loves sharing snaps of herself in a variety of outfits. These glamorous snaps often go viral as well. She sure knows how to catch the attention of netizens.