allu-sirish-apologyA celebrity misbehaving with the media and later apologizing to them is a pretty regular sight in film industry. The latest one to go through this process is Allu Sirish, brother of actor Allu Arjun. Of course he has his reason to be miffed though.

Allu Sirish had recently paid a visit to temple in Sri Kalahasthi to perform some special prayers. The media as usual followed him when they came to know about it. The problem occurred when they went intruding in and record everything that was happening in temple as part of ritual. This irked Allu Sirish and he expressed his displeasure.

When the actor later came out after completion of the rituals he made amends for his behaviour and apologized to the media folks for his irritation. These kinds of incidents happens all the time due to the intrusion of the media but when one is celebrity they have to be prepared for things like these.