Allu Sirish, Allu Sirish About Baahubali, Allu Sirish About Baahubali Movie, Allu Sirish Dream Project Baahubali, Allu Sirish Dreams Big Films BaahubaliAllu Sirish is presently basking in the success of his latest release ‘Srirastu Subhamastu’ and naturally, people would be asking him about his choice of characters hereafter. The young hero says he likes to do love stories as he suits them.

Probably, after 3-4 years or after 4-5 films he would try a genre which will give a social message like in ‘Tagore’, ‘Rangam’, ‘Prathinidhi’ etc. He did ‘Gouravam’ because he likes to do films which deliver some social messages. His film didn’t work, though.

Like every actor, he also wants to do a Baahubali kind of the film, in the sense he wants to do a full-fledged period drama. Sirish says that it is his dream to act in a period drama. Doing a period drama might seem a big thing. But backed by Geetha Arts which produced ‘Magadheera’ for Ram Charan anything could happen!