Parasuram, Director Parasuram, Director Parasuram Pressure, Allu Sirish Director Parasuram Pressure, Srirastu Subhamastu Director Parasuram Pressure, Srirastu Subhamastu  Movie Director Parasuram PressureAs an actor Allu Sirish is yet to prove himself. Though a couple of films old, he didn’t taste any commercial success and also failed big time at acting. Now he is doing a film with director Parasuram of ‘Solo’ fame on whom lies the burden of giving a success to the actor.

Talking at the audio launch event of ‘Srirastu Shubamastu’, Parashuram says he was assigned the job of delivering a hit to Allu Arjun by top producer Allu Arvind. So, it is his responsibility to make him deliver as an actor and also give him one commercial success.

Is the director under pressure to deliver because the master producer had given his Bangaram (Allu Sirish) and assigned him the job to create a career for the actor? Parasuram says that he will mold this Bangaram into a beautiful ornament and give it back to the producer. Let’s wait and see. It’s a tough job indeed!