Allu Arjun Race gurram unseen

Accrording to a popular tabloid Allu Arjun looked very tense in Resu Gurram shooting because of frequent changes in the script at the sets. Normally a few changes are allowed during the shooting time but bulky changes led to confusion in the Resu Gurram team. Vakkantam Vamsi provided the original script for the movie.

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Source says creative differences cropped up among Allu Arjun, director Surender Reddy and others over the script modification. It has also led to confusion and delay in shooting which is scheduled to be released during Sankranti season. Atanokkade and Kick fame director Surender Reddy never compromises on the quality and he is known to make changes on the spot. He himself says his style of functioning would be appreciated only after watching the end result.

Resu Gurram is equally important for both Surender Reddy and Allu Arjun. Surender’s Oosaravelli movie couldn’t reach audience in 2011. So. He needs a big hit and does not want to compromise on the quality. Allu Arjun’s Iddarammailato was not a big hit. So, both need to have success. But co-ordinaton is more important to achieve their comman goal, say other team members.

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