Chiranjeevi Allu Arjun fans fight TwitterAllu Arjun has touched new heights of stardom with his performance in Pushpa. When everybody is praising him, fans here in Tollywood are trolling him for his casual behavior in one of his tweets that has gone viral today on Twitter.

Megastar Chiranjeevi has tested positive for Covid 19 and tweeted about it. Allu Arjun also wished him a speedy recovery with a reply which said “My prayers for you to get well soon . Glad to know that the symptoms are very mild . Wishing you a speedy recovery”.

Allu Arjun’s Response to Chiranjeevi

This reply of his has not gone well with many fans and the general audience. If you observe his reply, Bunny did not use the word ‘garu’ or ‘Mama’ anywhere in the tweet. This has hurt mega fans big time. So much trolling is being done on Bunny and the common feeling is that Bunny’s head weight has gone to another level with the success of Pushpa.

If you look at other replies sent to Chiranjeevi, everyone including the likes of Chandra Babu, Lokesh, NTR, several directors, musicians, and actors added Garu or sir in their wishes. This has further upset Chiru fans.

Allu Arjun’s Response to Chiranjeevi

One of the old videos of Bunny demanding respect for Chiranjeevi at one of the events has gone viral. When Bunny was so particular about the sir or Garu word, why the hell he forgot it now is the discussion.

Already, there is a talk that all is not well between Bunny and the mega family and this tweet has only given the social media and fans to further fuel the speculations. Bunny wants to create a league of his own devoid of the mega shadow but one should understand that his entry into films and earlier support he got was from mega fans only and hurting them has given Bunny a new headache.