Allu-Arjun's-Keto-TransformationContrary to what we had seen during the gap Allu Arjun took between his last movie’s release and the present ‘Ala Vaikuntapuramlo‘ movie, the stylish star has lost oodles of weight and has transformed into a fitter look.

So, what’s the secret of this transformation that is making his die-hard fans go berserk with regarding his looks? According to the close sources to the actor, Allu Arjun followed a strict ketogenic diet that has helped him lose the extra weight that he gained when he wasn’t shooting.

Added to this, the stylish star also roped in a trainer, Ali to work on his weight and food. Working out in the gym for two hours a day for 2 months had been the key to the rejuvenated and refreshing look of the star.

His new hairstyle also added perfectly to the energetic and fitter look and that’s why his recent posters have gone viral among his fans who have been raving about their star’s look. Why wouldn’t they?