Allu -arjunWhen we observe the recent activities of Allu Arjun’s PR team and his close team that takes care of everything about Allu Arjun, we clearly understand that he is building a loyal army, as he said on several occasions that he has a loyal army while other heroes have fans.

One look at his social media fans and their behaviour, one can’t help but notice that these fans of Allu Arjun who go by Allu Arjun Army have been actively clashing the mega-fans who belong to Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.

If we notice carefully, how Allu Arjun is building an army is quite conspicuous. Not only regarding building a fan base, how Allu Arjun’s treats the members of his close team as family and with utmost love is one of his biggest strengths.

Here is a classic example of his care when Allu Arjun celebrated the birthday of his staff member’s birthday, last night. It’s most unlikely that a star of his stature would take care not to forget the important dates of his closest team members and see to that they are noticed.

This is the secret behind creating a loyal staff for himself apart from a loyal army in his name. This loyal staff of Allu Arjun takes care of his offline and online branding with utmost loyalty and see that his branding keeps buzzing in the industry circles.