Allu_Arjun_Desamuduru_Re-ReleaseThe re-releases trend has hit its peak in the Telugu states. Almost all star hero fans have had a gala time, enjoying blockbusters all over again on the big screens.

The latest film to head for re-release is Allu Arjun’s Desamuduru. His fans are celebrating his birthday with the re release of this commercial potboiler.

But there’s a mishap here. Incidentally, over enthusiastic fans damaged the screen at the famous Sandhya 70MM theater in Hyderabad today while Desamuduru’s special show was going on earlier today.

Going by the videos that have surfaced on social media, the Sandhya 70MM screen has taken substantial damage as we can see a sizeable tear at the bottom corner of the screen.

This is exactly the kind of damage theater owners were scared of, when it came to re-releases and there have been a fair few of such instances in the recent past.

But the fact that Bunny’s fans tore the screen at the iconic Sandhya 70MM has become a point of discussion now.