Allu Arjun Will Be The Same Star With Or Without ChiranjeeviRam Gopal Varma who has irritated Mega Fans with the Real Megastar – Mega Parasites tweet the other day came on live TV last night and made similar comments.

“It is not me who called Mega Heroes as Mega Parasites. When they say they are nothing without Chiranjeevi, they themselves admit that. Only Allu Arjun does not say that as far as I know,” RGV said.

“Bunny will be the same star with or without Chiranjeevi. There is no one in the World history where a comedian’s grandson has become a star hero. Remaining Mega heroes themselves say they will not be there without Chiranjeevi,” he analyzes Bunny in his own way.

“Allu Arjun is a better dancer than Chiranjeevi. Even though it is not fair to compare two generations because of many changes like better choreographers etc. It is a fact that he dances better. He is a better performer and fights better than any of these Mega Parasites,” he said.

While Mega Fans are naturally hurling abuses at Ram Gopal Varma but the sad part is he does not care and even enjoys these abuses.