Allu Arjun Welcomed With Aarathi, Warding Away Evil Eye With PumpkinsAllu Arjun has been actively involved in the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Pushpa’ in the Rampachodavaram forests of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. While going to his shooting spot yesterday, he passed through Thallapalam village of that area.

The villagers welcomed the stylish star expressing their love giving aarthi with the sacred lit camphor and warding off the evil eye with pumpkins. Truly overwhelming for any star to have so many people wishing all the luck and crazily waiting to greet him.

The tribals also showered flowers and shouted his name on the top of their voices while Allu Arjun was seen greeting them with a smile and folded hands, waving at them through the top of his car. Looks like the stylish star was overwhelmed by the appreciation and love he received from the tribals of the forest.

‘Pushpa’ team is working very hard trying to keep up with the schedule and it’s a known thing that it’s not easy to shoot in the thick forests during winter.