Pushpa Sukumar Allu Arjun NudeIcon Star Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa climax sequence is a big showstopper for the film. Many have the opinion that Fahadh Fasil’s portions are unnecessarily dragged for around 30 minutes which bored the audience. It also added to the length of the film.

There is a sequence in the climax where Allu Arjun and Fahadh Fasil are seen in their bermudas. Many have opined that the sequence is odd. But then, Sukumar imagined it even even more raw. He himself revealed it in an interview.

“I wanted both of them to be completely nude in that scene. We would not show them nude on screen but would give a feeling that they are nude. But then, I dropped the idea at the last minute thinking it may be too much for Telugu audience,” Sukumar revealed.

Probably dropping the idea is good and such a scene would have been too much and evoked negative response from the audience. Meanwhile, Sukumar says he will start the second part from February or March next year.