Allu Arjun Was a Satellite Star: Karan JoharIn one of the media interactions of RRR, Rajamouli said that Pushpa only clicked in Hindi because the mass hero culture was not evident anymore and when a star like Allu Arjun did it, the audience lapped it up in a big way.

Similarly, Karan Johar also says that the mass hero worship films were started by the Hindi directors in the 70’s and have left making them for years now. But the Telugu directors kept that culture going to date.

Karan Johar also adds that it is because of this same reason, Allu Arjun has become this big star all over. Karan said, previously, Allu Arjun was a satellite star as all his Hindi dubbed films were loved on TV and YouTube and now that he has done an earthy film like Pushpa, the audience has loved him.

The noted director also adds that no one is making such films these days and that is also the reason for Telugu films and KGF to be big hits in the country. Karan is one noted Bollywood film maker who promotes Telugu films and South stars heavily in Bollywood.