Allu-Arjun-Vada-Pav-LookAllu Arjun isn’t just a phenomenal performer but also a style icon. He has an immense fan following among the youth for his looks on-screen and off-screen. Allu Arjun‘s look in his last film ‘Pushpa’ was a rage, especially in North India.

Recently, the actor was spotted in Mumbai by the paparazzi. He was seen sporting the ‘Pushpa’ avatar in a printed T-shirt with black trousers. Some pics from his Mumbai outing are making rounds on social media, and apparently, Bunny is looking a bit bulkier than his usual appearance.

Some good-for-nothing Bollywood trolls started fat-shaming Allu Arjun. Some of them were calling him mota Bhai, while some said its a Vada Pav look.

The trolls seem to have just lost their mind, and since they have nothing substantial to troll Allu Arjun, they started fat shaming him. They don’t know that Allu Arjun leads an extremely healthy lifestyle. It’s just the loose T-shirt or the camera angle that’s making him look a bit on the healthier side.

Pushpa 2 s all set to roll in August and is expected to break all the records.