Allu Arjun’s Unexpected Move With Icon, The Pros And Cons  Producer Bunny Vas has revealed the upcoming lineup of Icon Staar Allu Arjun. It has cleared the doubts of many fans of the star regarding his upcoming slate of movies. But, it has also raised a few doubts in the process. It consists out of the box move from Allu Arjun, and here is what we think are its pros and cons.

Icon has been in the news for a long time. Recently, buzz surfaced that director Venu Sriram has moved out of Dil Raju camp. It meant that Icon is not happening. The latest announcement, therefore, comes as a pleasant surprise.

But the more interesting detail here is Icon coming amidst the two parts of Pushpa. Yes, according to Bunny Vas, Pushpa will release first, and Icon will follow it. The second part of Pushpa will arrive after Icon. Two-part films haven’t come like this before.

The pros of this strategy primarily benefit Icon. If Pushpa ends on a positive note, it will raise the profile of Icon further. The pan-India prospects of Icon will be boosted. Locally, the fans would get to a ‘new’ film in between the two Pushpa movies. The gap will further help the second part of Pushpa. It is a win-win situation, but everything depends on how Pushpa fares.

The negative here is also related to Pushpa. If the film fails to end on an exciting note, Icon could feel its ripple effect. The initial would be impacted and also the pan-India reception. The long gap could further cast a spell of doubt on the second chapter of Pushpa itself if Icon succeeds. Pushpa -2 might look stale.

Given the extreme variations, it is indeed a risky move planning wise for Allu Arjun. But, if he pulls it off, it would be a unique happenstance in Telugu cinema, no doubt.