Allu Arjun To Get Legal NoticeIn an interesting development of sorts, Allu Arjun is set to receive a legal notice from Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

TSRTC has issued a media notice pertaining to Allu Arjun and bike rental portal Rapido for tarnishing the image of TSRTC. The public transportation service stated that the recent Rapido ad featuring Allu Arjun was made in poor taste.

VC Sajjanar, the Managing Director of TSRTC took serious exception to Rapido’s YouTube ad featuring Allu Arjun. “In the ad, Allu Arjun says RTC buses take more time like ordinary dosas while Rapido is fast and can prepare masala dosas in the same time. We are condemning such an ad that shows TSRTC in poor light,” the media release read.

TSRTC MD then requested celebrities to desist from promoting content that is detrimental to public transportation and the public good. The media release stated that Allu Arjun will be sent a legal notice very soon.

Allu Arjun or his representatives are yet to react to TSRTC’s notice.