Chiranjeevi Allu Arjun Ram Gopal Varma commentsThe beautiful pictures of entire Mega family coming together for Chiranjeevi’s Birthday and Rakhi have surfaced on social media. The pictures have gone viral revealing the bonhomie between them. But they also became controversial.

Allu Arjun is missing in these photos. Some Mega fans who do not appreciate him started rediculing Allu Arjun saying he is not Mega family. Some of them said Allu Arjun showed head weight by skipping the family event.

While this is happening, Ram Gopal Varma as always tried to fish in troubled waters during his late night vodka session.

He called Allu Arjun the one and only real MEGA STAR, selfmade Star and called the other heroes in Mega family from Pawan Kalyan to Niharika as low level  parasites who are just existing by sucking extra long MEGA long success of Chiranjeevi.

And as expected he enjoyed his pegs as Mega Fans fought all night about who is the Real Megastar and who are the parasites sucking the Mega success of Chiranjeevi. That’s mission accomplished for Ram Gopal Varma.

While Ram Gopal Varma himself is a parasites sucking on the popularity coming out of such controversies, one can not stop wondering how he keeps a tab on such trivial fan fights and enters the fray at the right moment trying to take a side but having his own side.

Meanwhile, Allu Sirish posted a tweet which shows his attendance on the Mega Sunday but still the people who has a problem keep asking the same question ‘Where is Allu Arjun?’