Allu Arjun Surprises Close Friend In Mumbai Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Producer Bunny Vas have been friends for 22 years. Bunny Vas is the goto man of the films being produced in Geetha Arts compound. Bunny Vas celebrated his Birthday. Both of them always celebrated it together.

But Bunny Vas is in Mumbai this time and so, Allu Arjun did not want to break the every ritual. He flew to Mumbai and surprised Bunny Vas on the big day. He landed in Mumbai along with his son Ayaan and Vamsi, one of the producers at the UV Creations.

It was a special surprise to Bunny Vas as they celebrated the eve at a star hotel in Mumbai. Allu Arjun is currently staying at home waiting for the COVID Second Wave to subside so that he can resume the shooting of his Pushpa.

Bunny Vas has a quite a good number of films in various stages of production.