Allu Arjun Spotted with Bouncers on RoadsCertainly, celebrities are getting some free time to breathe and walk freely on the roads unlike during the times before the lockdown came into place. That’s why Allu Arjun could walk freely though he was accompanied by his bouncers.

He was captured on phone by a couple of people walking on the same road recently while he was taking an early morning stroll wearing a white T-shirt and shorts. The stylish star has grown a thick beard and moustache.

Before the lockdown, it was almost unthinkable to see him coming out in the open as people would have flocked to get a glimpse of him. Previously, during the initial days of the lockdown, he was spotted at a super market buying some essentials.

Maybe, it would be a common sight to see celebrities walking freely comparatively (though with security) in the coming days!