Allu Arjun PushpaTo get the complexion of the skin right for a character, artists either have to do it naturally or else go for proper makeup. Allu Arjun has to look way darker than he actually is and hence, has to use proper makeup to get the shade of his skin right for the daily-wager role in ‘Pushpa’.

It’s said that the actor has to spend at least two hours on the makeup before the shooting and the same amount of time to get the makeup removed after the shooting fr a day. He is playing a lorry cleaner in Sukumar’s ‘Pushpa’.

Besides the makeup, the actor made sure to have his personal trainer and the chef to fly along with him for the shooting happening in Tenkasi, currently to ensure his workout regime and proper diet. Moreover, he needs to be on the set two hours before the shooting to get into the look of Pushparaj.

Pushpa‘ being the stylish star’s first pan-Indian movie, the actor has to get every thing right to impress the audiences big time and establish his market in other languages.