Srirastu Subhamastu, Allu Arjun Reveals Allu Sirish Secrets, Allu Arjun Reveals Geetha Arts Secrets, Geetha Arts Profits Srirastu SubhamastuThe entire Allu clan is finally a relieved bunch as their huge task of making Sirish a hero has finally been accomplished. Now that Srirastu Subhamastu has been declared a hit the team arranged for a success meet and Allu Arjun also attend the event.

Everyone spoke high about the film and Bunny had some very emotional things to say. He revealed that both his dad and he took this project as a prestigious one and worked hard to achieve the goal and the success is here for to see. They have treated this film as a re-launch for Sirish and as a film that will decide his future course as a hero in the industry.

They had the best of the team and everyone worked hard. Bunny also told that he had a feel that during the making of the film this film would do really well and his predictions have come true.

All said and done one can easily say that the Allu camp has been cleverly planning things for Sirish but things did not work until the father Allu Aravind himself came into the picture and had to work things out and finally give son a much-needed boost.