Allu Arjun Mahesh BabuThere is an increasing buzz in the industry that Icon Star Allu Arjun’s Pushpa won’t meet the December 17th deadline. But, as the makers intend to release it in December itself, Sukumar is working doubly hard to get things done on time. Here, the Mahesh Babu connection surfaces and makes one wonder if Allu Arjun is repeating the same mistake as him.

The whole scenario of wrapping up the production hurriedly reminds one of the director’s past flick 1 Nenokkadine starring Mahesh Babu. Sukumar has often confessed that he didn’t get enough time on the post-production work of the Mahesh Babu. Back then, the movie was rushed in the final days to meet the Sankranthi deadline. Here, Pushpa is facing the same issue to get ready for the December release.

If the track record of Sukumar is anything to go by, then he has scored a memorable success when given the proper time. Rangasthalam is one such latest example. The director took his time but delivered an immensely lovable film, which Charan acknowledges.

If given time, Sukumar can deliver a Rangasthalam, and it can turn out to be 1 Nenokkadine; if not, it is the bottom line. In both cases, the subject is exciting, which draws the star in the first place. But, if the output doesn’t reach the intended level, the whole effort might seem undone. Pushpa risks the same ‘undoing’ if Allu Arjun repeats the same mistake.

Alternatively, there is a talk that Pushpa might indeed be ready on time, but to avoid competition (with Holly biggie), the unit is looking at moving it by a week to December 24th. In that case, it would be good news for the fans. But the whole shenanigans related to post-production work and then postponing it by a week, citing delay in work, might leave bad taste for another film, Shyam Singha Roy, that is already locked for December 24th.