Allu-Arjun-Recreates-Mani-Ratnam-Magic-for-HerRecreating the magic of an iconic song is no less a task and it’s hard to live up to the original however one may try. But, when it is made with good intentions by a father like Allu Arjun intending to shower love in his cute little daughter, the entire universe will conspire to make it really memorable.

It’s Allu Arha’s birthday and the stylish star made it all the more memorable by recreating Mani Ratnam’s classic ‘Anjali’ title song with Allu Arha starring as the cutie in the video song. He shared this memorable video with his wellwishers and followers on social media.

The video turned out to be an utter delight to watch Allu Arha playing, running around, smiling and spreading joy. Glimpses of her grandfathers and finally, Allu Arjun coming into the last frames. It was all very lively and heart-touchingly genuine love between the father and his little daughter.

A girl child is always said to be very special and priceless for a father and this beautiful video speaks the same. It’s like Arha’s grand debut with a remake song. None of the remakes would be as adorable as this one. What do you think, folks?