allu arjun rana daggubati lunch partiesRecently in Tollywood, one can see a lot of inconsistency and confusion regarding the release dates of films and other issues rising up due to many misunderstandings among the film fraternity. To keep a check on this growing confusion, the culture of secret lunch parties seems to have come into existence.

First it was Rana Daggubati who hosted a secret lunch party for Tollywood celebs to bring them together and discuss their differences in an amicable environment. The latest host is said to be Allu Arjun who hosted a luncheon for 40 odd guests from Tollywood. The young crop of actors are those who are among the invitees to the secret party.

These Tollywood celebs want to strengthen themselves into a team and emerge as a powerful contender to Movie Artists’ Association (MAA). The agenda and proceedings of these luncheons are kept secret and nothing much is given out to media. Young actors and big names like Prabhas, Kajal and Tamanna were part of the secret lunch party according to the reports on this growing ‘lunch party trend’.