Allu Arjun Proudly Mentions The 'Cheap' SceneWhen Pushpa was released, there was a big debate about the Van scene in the second half of the film. In that scene, Allu Arjun is seen putting his hand around Rashmika‘s neck which seems like he is trying to touch the actress’s front. There was a big criticism on that scene and many said it is not something expected from Bunny and Sukumar.

Many even called it a ‘cheap’ scene. Later, the makers had to remove the scene from the film on the second day itself. But Bunny mentioned and spoke proudly about the very scene at the film’s Thanks meet in Hyderabad.

“The other day, at the directors meet, Sandeep Vanga was mentioning how the van scene was very impressive. I owe the result to my costar, Rashmika. A hero will be very uncomfortable approaching a heroine in such scenes. She was co-operative and is the real reason for the scene coming so well,” Allu Arjun said.

Sandeep Vanga mentioning the scene especially and Allu Arjun mentioning it in the Thanks meet despite getting so much criticism is something surprising.