Allu Arjun Not Irritated with Kalyaan DhevOn Sunday, a success meet of Kalyaan Dev’s ‘Vijetha’ was held in Hyderabad for which Allu Arjun was the chief guest. According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, the debutante mega hero kept not only the organisers but also Allu Arjun waiting by not attending the event on time.

The report says that despite the fact that Kalyaan Dhev was at Chiranjeevi‘s house, he didn’t respond to the calls from the organizers who were worried as the event was scheduled to happen from 1 p.m. onwards. Even Allu Arjun was waiting at his home to get a call from the organizers to come to the event.

Finally, when Kalyaan Dev arrived for the success meet, Allu Arjun wasn’t irritated. He even praised and congratulated the new mega hero for his performance in ‘Vijetha’. All said and done, Chiranjeevi is known for his punctuality. This is quite unexpected for a hero from the megastar’s family to be late and keep everyone waiting.