Mega Effect To Allu Arjun's PlansFans is eagerly waiting for the next film announcement from the stylish star Allu Arjun who is also called mister perfect for his pakka planing in drawing his career. And for NPS has failed terribly at the box office, people were expecting an immediate come back from the star and here is what he announces.

Taking on the Long Pause after NPS, Allu Arjun asked fans to be patient and clarified that he is going to take more time to announce his next as he wants to give a good one this time. “I wanted to tell you all pls be a lil patient about the next movie announcement … bcoz it will take a while more . I want to genuinely deliver a good film. Takes time. Thank you for understanding”, he wrote.

Looks like Mr. Perfect has a deep plan and wants to go slow and steady to cover up the damage caused by NPS. He did not leave a hint on if he has one in mind or who is the director, nothing. Let us see how long would it take for the hero.