Allu Arjun Laughing Uncontrollably at ThemWatch this cute video of Allu Ayaan and Allu Arha having fulltime fun on Friday night dancing to the pennywise dance step and laughing out loud. It’s Allu Arjun’s uncontrollable laughter in the background that amuses us the most.

He is like every doting father who is cherishing the fun moments of his children. Bunny captured the kids’ frenzy and shared the video on his Instagram wall. He calls it, ‘Great Friday Night Dance Party’ and tagging it #mylovelybabies.

Allu Arjun mastered the pennywise dance step in ‘Nath Nath’ song from ‘Badrinath’ and wooed the audiences with his terrific dancing. The step has been famous right from the time Charlie Cgapling made it extremely popular.

The Allu hero is one of those celebrities who never miss sharing memorable moments of their kids with their followers on social media. By the way, how did you like the kids floating in happiness with pennywise dance step with the IT clown?