Allu Arjun Brochevarevarura Allu Arjun is on a watching spree these days and congratulating the new teams that have been making a difference in the film industry with new subjects and new talent.

He watched ‘Agent Sai Sreenivasa Athreya’ and next, ‘Brochevarevaru’ also and congratulated the new teams for their efforts for bringing in new age movies into the Telugu Film industry. If it is a good film, Allu Arjun is not forgetting to praise the efforts.

However, there is one more movie that he might have missed. Comedian Priyadarshi’s biopic ‘Mallesham’ based on the life of Padma Shri awardee, weaver Chintakindi Mallesham.

The movie received critical acclaim but it disappointed, commercially. Priyadarshi humbly requested Allu Arjun to watch the movie assuring him that he would love it.

Well, we’ll agree with Priyadarshi who delivered a memorable performance portraying the real-life characters with all the right emotions the character needs. Hope, Allu Arjun is listening. Good movies like ‘Mallesham’ deserve the patronage of big names.